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Kara Saunders Is The Newest Mayhem Athlete

Rich Froning’s training program has become one of the biggest in the CrossFit community.

Kara Saunders, a legend female CrossFit athlete, has announced she is partnering up with Rich Froning and is now a Mayhem Athlete.

In an Instagram Live video call between Rich Froning and Kara Saunders, the Australian powerhouse broke the news. “You’re actually looking at your newest Mayhem athlete, I don’t know if you’d knew that,” she said told Froning.

Saunders decided to transition from Brute Strength to Mayhem Athlete after the CrossFit Games. “I was needing a bit of change in the whole structure of my life,” she recalls. After the Games, in which she had to drop out due to COVID complications, the athlete called coach Tasia Percevecz to get some guidance.

Tasia is Haley Adams’ coach, one of the most prominent Mayhem Athletes at the moment. Saunders began just trying out the Mayhem program for fun, but eventually decided to make the full transition. “Loving it, hurting and adjusting,” she said.

On the Instagram video below, you can skip the first 10 minutes as both Kara Saunders and Rich Froning were struggling with the technicalities of the video call.

Kara Saunders 1st Workout from Mayhem Athlete

There is a possibility that Kara Saunders will be training with Rich Froning before the Open as she said she is “planning to coming to the US earlier than usual next year.”

Mayhem Athlete Roster Full of Prospects

Right after the CrossFit Games, 7th fittest on Earth Guilherme Malheiros and 9th Fittest on Earth Lazar Dukic have announced they joined Rich Froning and the Mayhem Athlete team.

Kara Saunders is the latest to join Mayhem athlete, with Agustin Richelme (Argentina), Piero Gorichon (Chile), and Mel Rodriguez (Argentina) all joining after the CrossFit Games as well this year.

Already Mayhem athletes include Haley Adams, Alex Vigneault, Samuel Cournoyer, Aleksandar Ilin, Stas Solodov, Sasha Nievas, Alexandre Caron, and Royce Dunne.

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