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Mikaela Norman, CrossFit Games Athlete and World Record Holder, to Compete at HYROX European Championships This Weekend

The HYROX European Championships takes place on January 21.

Mikaela Norman managed to compete with the fittest in the world at the CrossFit Games and now she is taking the globe in another global fitness competition: the HYROX European Championships.

HYROX is one of the world’s biggest functional fitness competitions. The tournament takes place in different cities across the globe and is exactly the same every single time, which makes it easier to compare who is the best overall.

The competition starts with a 1 km run, followed by a functional workout and this structure is repeated 8 times with a different movement for each functional round. From wall balls to the ski erg, each round will test a new facet of your fitness.

HYROX world championships workoutSource: HYROX

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Mikaela Norman, the Future of HYROX?

Mikaela Norman is a CrossFit athlete who made it to the Games on two occasions – 2016 and 2022, both in team CrossFit Nordic.

The Swedish athlete, renowned for her endurance capability, is now making waves in the HYROX world. This year she competed for the first time and broke the world record. She finished the HYROX event at 1:00:45.

Norman’s exciting first year could end with her taking the gold medal home. Here is the list of the 15 athletes competing in the women’s division on January 21st.

RankNameCountryQualifying TimeQualifying Race
1Mikaela NormanSweden1:00:45Hamburg
2Megan JacobyU.S.A.1:01:56Chicago
3Linda MeierGermany1:02:23Amsterdam
4Mirjam Von RohrSwitzerland1:03:06Hamburg
5Terra JacksonU.S.A.1:04:18Madrid
6Viola OberländerGermany1:04:40Essen
7Ida Mathilde SteensgaardDenmark1:05:12Hamburg
8Weeks LaurenU.S.A.1:05:12Los Angeles
9Antje HardesGermany1:05:50Valencia
10Alandra GreenleeU.S.A.1:06:06New York
11Cole FelicityU.K.1:06:27Valencia
12Jacqueline LippenmeyerGermany1:06:37Essen
13Janne ThomsenGermany1:06:37Berlin
14Magdalena SchubertGermany1:06:44Frankfurt
15Rebecca MasonU.K.1:07:06London

There will also be 15 elite-level athletes competing in the men’s division. Unfortunately, the current world record holder Hunter McIntyre will not be participating. Portuguese athlete Tiago Lousa has set the fastest race this year completing it in 57:44 – McIntyre’s world record is set at 55:09.

Tiago LousaSource: Sportgraph
Tiago Lousa at HYROX Championships

Former world champion Tobias Lautwein makes his return to elite racing having missed last year’s World Championship race due to illness. He finished his qualifying race in Basel in 58:10.

After the European Championships, which will be hosted in Maastricht, Netherlands, on January 21st, we will see the North American Championships on February 11th in Chicago. The World Championships will be held in Manchester, U.K., on May 26th.

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