Try The Overhead Squat Challenge!

The Overhead Squat Challenge: The rules are simple:

The challenge works as the Overhead Squat ascending weight ladder.

Choose two (trustworthy) helpers to load and unload the bar as you progress through the challenge.

Start with a single Overhead Squat with an empty Olympic bar.

Every rep completed, add 10kg (20lbs) until bar is full. Then follow the  same concept back down again, deloading 10 kg (20lbs) every rep until bar is empty again.

Scale it to suit yourself if you like, and good luck! Don’t forget to post your results.

Elijah Muhammad

Noah Ohlsen

Noah Ohlsen responded ‘Alright Elijah Muhammad, I was excited to take on your challenge until I got to Peak360 Crossfit and realized we don’t have that many 10s. So I had to fill up the bar with 15s! Fun stuff. Who’s next!?’

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Tommy Hackenbruck

‘Happy I completed this the first try because shoulders wouldn’t have held up for another go. Fun challenge for anyone who loves to Overhead Squat. Beginning weight is 45lb bar and top weight is 265lb (11x 10lb plate on each side)’

Here are a couple of extra videos of Overhead Squats to motivate you for the challenge.

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