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The Perfect Middle Chest Solution for More Defined Pecs (Lose Fat, Gain Muscle)

Enhance your body, performance and physique.

Try this perfect middle chest solution for more defined pecs.

Designed by Jeff from Athlean X, it will help you build a better and stronger upper body.

The Perfect Middle Chest Solution for More Defined Pecs

“If you want to develop the middle chest or the inner chest to get more defined pecs, you need to watch this video. Here I’m going to show you the only way you can effectively improve the visual appearance of this portion of the chest muscle. Here’s a spoiler, you cannot directly improve only this portion of the pecs but because of the contrast this area provides, you can get it to start looking better quickly if you do the right things.”

Strategies to Grow the Upper Chest as Quickly as Possible How to Get a Wider Chest Key to Bigger Pecs The Perfect Middle Chest Solution for More Defined PecsSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

“First thing again that you need to realize is that the inner chest or middle chest is not something you can directly hypertrophy. This is simply the attachment point or the origin of the pec major muscle. As with all muscular attachments however, we are talking about a tendon connecting to a bone (in this case the sternum) at this inner most portion of the pectoralis major.”

“As we know, tendons are not capable of the hypertrophy that a muscle is. At the point of attachment, the muscle is going to be essentially sutured down to the bone and stay close to that point even as the muscle itself starts to grow. It is the visual differential in depth that is created as the muscle starts to grow away from the ribcage that gives the deepening effect of the middle chest.”

The Perfect Middle Chest Solution for More Defined Pecs

“This means, if you want to get your middle chest to look more defined and better overall, you are going to have to grow the entire chest muscle.”

“That said, as with any muscle that you are seeking to improve the way it looks you should always start with looking at your diet. If you have too high body fat levels you are never going to get the chest to look as ripped and muscular as you would like. Higher body fat levels tend to accumulate in chest fat for men making even a larger chest look less desirable than one that is smaller but more lean.”

“Beyond the chest anatomy however is the way you train it and the type of chest workouts and chest exercises you perform.”

“One of the most important things you can do if you want to build a bigger chest is remember to not just focus on strength building exercises. Some of the most classic chest strength exercises like the bench press, incline bench press, weighted dips and weighted pushups are all lacking one very important element – chest adduction capability. Because your hands are in a fixed position on every one of those chest exercises you are not able to bring them close together or across midline to get a complete chest contraction.”

“When you are trying to build the inner chest or any portion of your chest really, you have to make sure you don’t forget to include some exercises that allow your hands the freedom of motion to do this. That said, take an exercise like the cable crossover. Even if you perform this regularly in your chest workouts but stop your arm as soon as it gets to the point of your midline you won’t get the type of results you would if you brought it all the way across your midline.”

“When looking to build your chest you have to remember to take it to a point of a complete pec contraction.”

“Now of course you will visually see the improvement of the inner chest appearance just by getting into this position. Don’t be confused. This is just the shortening of the muscle due to this increased contraction that makes it stand out more. However, the repeated repetitions that you will accumulate by doing this the right way on your chest exercises will allow the overall growth of the muscle to be higher which is going to result in the depth of the line increasing over time.”

“There is some additional science that supports the need for more adduction of the arm across the body if you want to grow a bigger chest. The existence of something called non-spanning fibres. When these fibres are engaged by the contraction of the fully spanning fibres that run from your arm to your sternum, they too can participate in the contraction and experience the same growth that typical fibres do.”

“If you don’t engage them by ever bringing your arm far enough across your body to do so, they will never experience the growth stimulation possible and the overall size of the chest will remain smaller. Remember, if you want to get your middle chest to look more defined you have to be sure you are growing the muscle as much as possible. Maximum stimulation of the muscle across the chest exercises you perform is the goal always.”

Video – The Perfect Middle Chest Solution for More Defined Pecs

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