Regional Event 1 Finisher

Here are the Results of the opening Event 1 from the CrossFit Games Regionals at the Central, West and Latin America Competitions.


Central Regionals


1. Drew Wayman

2. Luke Schafer

3. Jopeph Tortora

Alex Anderson finished 4th, Mat Fraser came in as 9th



  1. Kristi Eramo
  2. Brooke Wells
  3. Amanda Barnhart


Latin America Regionals


  1. Luis Perez

2. André Sanchez

3. Samuel Araiza



1. Simona Quintana

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2. Tata Rebane

3. Lea Schmidt

Brenda Castro as 4th, Anita Pravatti 8th.

West Regionals


1. Jason Carroll

2. Joe Scali

3. Josh Bridges

Brent Fikowski finished 5th, Gareth Fisher 9th






By Simon