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8 Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises for Everyone that can’t MU Yet

Add these into your training.

2. Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises – Tricep Pushdowns

A tricep pushdown is an isolation exercise designed to target your triceps muscles.

Perform tricep pushdowns by standing in front of a pulley machine with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Grab hold of the cable attachment on the pulley machine. This attachment can be fitted with a rope, a straight bar, or a V-bar.

Keep your upper body aligned as you pull down on the cable attachment through a full range of motion in your elbows.

3. Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises – Machine Assisted Pull Ups

Making use of a pull-up machine is another way you can apply assisted pull-ups to your workouts and build foundational strength for future Ring Muscle Ups. You will need access to an assisted pull up machine.

The general idea is to add enough weight to the machine so that it balances you when you perform pull ups. Use the machine to feel the movement and activate your muscles.

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