Seven Important Technique Tips to Improve Your Wall Ball Efficiency in CrossFit

Wall balls are a unique movement in CrossFit and one that many (usually short) people struggle with.

Wall balls require a maximum effort from a large number of muscles in your body. This compound exercise works your whole body, from your quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings with the squat, to your chest, back, shoulders and arms with the throw, as well as your core throughout the exercise.

The combination of exercises in wall balls will increase your strength and stamina.

Yet for the same reasons wall balls are a brilliant fitness and strength exercise, they’re a movement many athletes struggle to go unbroken in. Some people are stopped or slowed down by intense muscle pain and others by exhaustion.

Here are seven important technique tips to improve your wall ball efficiency for CrossFit and help you go unbroken.


Squatting too early is a common mistake athletes make when performing wall balls. Catching the ball midway through a squat – or at the bottom of a squat – will mean the weight of the ball will crush you down.

It’s better to catch the ball with hips and arms extended, bring it to your chest and then start with your squat. If done efficiently this won’t add extra time and will make your squats easier and much smoother.

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