Should You Train for Strength to Get Bigger?

Should you try to become stronger if your goal is to simply build muscle? Find out below!

Should you train for strength to get bigger? This is an interesting question where, like with most desirable things in life, the answer lies somewhat in a grey area.

What will ultimately determine whether you should or shouldn’t try to get stronger to gain muscle is your goals and fitness experience and level.

Dr Mike Israetel, PhD in Sport Physiology and cofounder of Renaissance Periodization, breaks down where the answer is a yes, where it’s a no, and where a balance might be most suitable.

Should You Train for Strength to Get Bigger?

Ultimately, your hypertrophy training will get you stronger, but that’s not exactly the same as strength straining.

Strength – not absolute strength – is a by-product of hypertrophy and, while there are instances where you’ll want to do specific strength training, you should be getting stronger by following a muscle-building program.

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