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9 Single Dumbbell Exercises for Full-Body Muscle

Great compound exercises you can do with only one dumbbell.

Check out 9 single dumbbell exercises for full-body muscle.

If you only got one dumbbell at your disposal, have no fear as you can work your entire body with it. That’s what trainer AT from Men’s Health UK argues and he shared some incredible single dumbbell exercises for full-body muscle.

Check it out.

Single Dumbbell Exercises for Full Body Muscle

1. Floor Press

Lying on the floor, mimic a bench press utilising only one dumbbell at a time. This will hit your chest, triceps and front delts a lot.

“If you want to make this range of motion a little bit bigger for more of a stretch on your chest, squeeze your glutes, legs up,” AT explains so that you get a little bit more room to push the dumbbell up and lower it down.

2. Snatch to Overhead Press

This is a great explosive exercise to build muscle on your shoulders especially. With the dumbbell on the floor, pick it up, snatch it overhead, and then lower it to your shoulder line and press it up again. Lower the dumbbell in front of you and pick it up with the other hand and do the same movement.

Single Dumbbell Exercises for Full-Body Muscle

3. Floor Squeeze Press

Squeeze the dumbbell from the sides as you lay on the floor to feel your chest getting some work. You can lift your legs again into that glute bridge position to have more range of motion and a bigger stretch.

4. Heels Elevated Goblet Squats

Utilise anything to maintain your heels elevated during this exercise. This should give you more flexibility and will target your quads more intensely as well.

5. Crossface Tricep Extension

Doing this variation of the tricep extension across your face will get your muscle even more stretched. “The muscle that gets stretched the most, grows the most.”

6. Squeeze Curls

Although it is a curl, this exercise will not only hit your biceps but also your chest and shoulders.

7. Loaded Beast Row

Hit your back and core with the loaded beast row. Kneel down and switch to four points of contact on the floor and row with one hand up to your hips stretching your lats – try to keep your knees off the ground during the exercise.

This is one of the most challenging in our list of single dumbbell exercises for full-body muscle.

8. Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat

Find a box or a bench, put one foot on it while facing away from the object and squat down. This is also known as the Bulgarian Split Squat.

8. Goblet Good Morning

This exercise will target your hamstrings as you hinge on your hips as far down as possible.

9. Three-Point Row

Work your lats and back muscles with the three-point row. Three points of contact, usually a bench, stretch your lats while holding the dumbbell and bring it up to your waist to work your back and not your biceps.

If you want to know how to perform any of these single dumbbell exercises for full-body muscle, check out the video below.

VIDEO – Single Dumbbell Exercises for Full Body Muscle

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