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How to build the most functionally strong lower body for your life, whether you consider yourself an athlete or not. The answer might be this split squats and lunges masterclass by Marcus Filly.

Marcus Filly is the founder of the popular training program Functional Bodybuilding, which mixes functional exercises with aesthetic training and focuses on longevity.

If you want to have an amazing lower body, Filly believes that you need to train single-leg movements and two in particular. So he decided to do a split squats and lunges masterclass for anyone interested.

Split Squats and Lunges Masterclass

Back squats are considered one of the best well-rounded lower body exercises one person can do. But if you want to “build both aesthetic legs and functional strength,” you should consider focusing on single-leg movements. Here are 5 reasons why according to Filly:

  1. It adds the 3rd dimension to your squatting.
  2. Single-leg squatting can more easily be manipulated to target specific parts of the leg.
  3. It demands stability and balance which has transferable strength to life.
  4. It may be one of the best protectors against injuries for an active life or sports.
  5. Single-leg squatting training will add almost endless variation to your training.

Why should you add single-leg training to your routine? According to Filly, those who have decreased single-leg strength are more vulnerable to knee and back injury.

No matter how heavy you can squat, you can still have lower body injuries if you don’t have the same developed strength in one leg.

Marcus Filly explains the difference between the split squat and the lunge. If you are unsure how to do them, you can read more about them in the links below.

Split Squats


athlete performs Bulgarian split squat with dumbbellSource: Matthew Sichkaruk on Unsplash

Overall, split squats are a more stable movement compared to lunges and it is great to learn proper movement and build mind-muscle connection. Changing to less stable variations is a form to progress without having to add more weight to your training.

When doing split squats and lunges, you will be targeting mainly your quadriceps and glutes, and to a smaller degree hamstrings, the adductors, and the calves.

Regardless of the exercise you are doing, you will always want the foot of the working leg to be balanced front to back. “Not only pushing through the toe or the heel but rather a blend of both.”

In Marcus Filly’s split squats and lunges masterclass, he goes further to explain the difference between backward and forward lunges, how to focus more on the quads vs the glutes, if you should elevate the rear foot if you should add rotation when performing either exercise, and common mistakes.

In the end, Filly explains the best single-leg variation exercise for conditioning is the dumbbell suitcase drop lunge (backwards) or the single-arm overhead walking lunge. And his favourite single-leg variations to help people look good and move well are:

  • Kettlebell rack heel-elevated knee-over-toes split squat
  • Back rack rear foot elevated squat
  • Hand-supported suitcase curtsy drop lunge

If you want to know more about Filly’s split squats and lunges masterclass, check out the video below with detailed information and examples of more exercises you can do.

VIDEO – Split Squats and Lunges Masterclass

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