Strategy Tips for CrossFit Open Workout 23.1

Achieve your best score by following these valuable tips.

The Open is on. 23.1 workout was the first official event revealed to kick off the 2023 CrossFit season. If you missed out on the action, click here to see the livestream announcement. Here are some strategy tips for CrossFit Open workout 23.1 from respectable sources on the internet.

Strategy Tips for CrossFit Open Workout 23.1

The original 23.1 workout was:

AMRAP in 14 minutes of:

  • 60-calorie row
  • 50 toes-to-bar
  • 40 wall ball shots
  • 30 cleans
  • 20 ring muscle-ups

♀ 14-lb ball to 9-ft target, 95-lb cleans
♂ 20-lb ball to 10-ft target, 135-lb cleans 

This workout was a repeat of 14.4. Therefore, some of the strategy tips for CrossFit open workout 23.1 are from 2014.

From CrossFit HQ

The first ones to release strategy tips for CrossFit Open workout 23.1 was, of course, CrossFit HQ themselves.

James Hobart, CrossFit seminar flowmaster and CF-L4, revealed how to warm up, what to do during the wall-ball shots, quicker singles on the cleans, and don’t start out too fast on the rower.

“The workout is not won on that rower, so have them [athletes] stay smooth and consistent thinking about what is the fastest pace they can go, and then immediately get off those 60 calories and start chipping away at some toes-to-bar.”

From CrossFit Invictus (Ring Muscle-Up)

Master athlete Jenn Ryan, from CrossFit Invictus, talked about how she improved her ring muscle-ups by breaking down the movement into separate pieces so that when you do them under fatigue, your body can remember from practice and do them almost automatically and not get a no-rep which, let’s be honest, will crush your spirit.


This is a video from 14.4, but you can still take some of their strategy tips for CrossFit Open workout 23.1.

From Barbell Shrug

They also explain how to prepare in advance by taping your hands and wearing weightlifting shoes for the workout. They go over some warm-up and stretching and mobility drills to make sure your body is ready to tackle 23.1.

From Underdog Athletics

Underdog athletics has one of the fiercest coaches of CrossFit at the moment: Justin Cotler. They are doing a workout strategy and tips for 23.1 around 3 hours after the announcement. If it is not live yet, check back later.


How are you going to tackle the 23.1 Open workout? What, you haven’t signed up for the Open yet? You can still do it here.

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