TITIN: The World’s Only Weighted Compression Gear

Meet the The 8lb. (3.6kg) shirt that will kick your ass, train you harder and help you to recover faster.


This 14-pocket shirt by TITIN locks 8 lbs (3.6kg) of gel inserts onto your upper body, while the fast-wicking outer compression shirt completes the set. Wear it to help build explosive speed, strength & teeth-gritting endurance.

TITIN includes a set of integrated hydro-gel inserts that are layered across the upper body’s major muscle groups. The weight is evenly distributed, allowing for natural movement without stressing or abusing the body’s joints.

Three Part Hypergravity System

gel-inserts1 Hydro-Gel Inserts

The System includes a set of integrated hydro-gel inserts that are   layered across your upper body’s major muscle groups. The weight is evenly distributed, allowing for natural movement without stressing or abusing your body’s joints.


2 14-Pocket Inner Shirt

This 14-pocket shirt locks 8 pounds of gel inserts onto your upper body.


3 Outer Compression Shirts

Outer compression shirts keep our weighted hydro-gel inserts tight to your body, eliminating any sway or shifting during even the most rigorous workouts. The weight stays tight to your body, for a balanced, natural workout.

Technical Specs

TITIN’s weighted compression shirt system is designed for strenuous workouts. Both the inner 14-pocket shirt and outer compression shirt are made with A.M.Y. polyester and antimicrobial fabric to block odor & germs.

Both shirts feature Sorbtek moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry & prevent chafing. Double-reinforced stitching & smooth performance zippers ensure lasting strength.

TITIN Effect

Wearing TITIN gear is like training on the earth and competing on the moon. The System has been put to the test by industry experts. Athletes who warmed-up or pre-loaded with an TITIN Force™ weighted shirt system saw measurable increases in the areas of vertical leap, endurance and running speed. Our gear delivers measurable results we refer to as the TITIN Effect™ , which have also been published in scientific journals.


The  Force™ Shirt System allows you to move naturally without stressing or abusing your body’s joints and can be worn during most workouts and training programs.

Wear it hot, wear it cold.

The integrated hydro-gel inserts can be heated or frozen to provide muscle therapy for 30-45 minutes. Hot or Cold, the indestructible gel inserts retain their flexibility for maximum comfort during your workout.

Warming up your muscles with TITIN is the smart way to conserve energy & pre-load for training.



Freeze TITIN’s Force System: Use cold therapy to reduce swelling after a tough workout.



Heat TITIN’s Force System: Applying heat to stiff muscles will increase blood flow prior to a workout.




Who Uses TITIN?

TITIN in Action:

TITIN in use:


My power, speed, and overall fitness have increased exponentially.

Brandon Phillips is training with TITIN:


Allows me to train without restriction and I easily feel 20lbs lighter once I take it off.

Rich Froning is testing TITIN:


The TITIN System has taken my CrossFit training to another level.


TITIN helps me turn a good workout into a great workout, then I take my gear off and I feel like I can kick holes in the walls and jump through the roof. It fits comfortably, and I dig heating my gear to wake up the muscles quicker or freezing it for recovery workouts.

Who is TITIN?

Our Mission

We challenge the status quo with everything we design, using disruptive technology to change the way people train. Train Harder, Recover Faster.


Our Vision

Challenging the Status Quo: Our first belief lies within a fundamental necessity to fight the incandescent mediocrity in our athletic world. Why walk when you can run? Why follow when you can lead? TITIN’s goals align with an incessant yearning for change, a thirst that will only be quenched by the drink of innovation.

Disruptive Technology: We strive to uphold the highest innovative integrity, focusing on a motivated pattern of advancement all the way from the filament fibers to the milling process. Our commitment to growth and innovative risk enables us to unsettle the safe ventures of the athletic equipment world, separating our missions and brand from the rest of the pack.


Our Values

Changing the Way People Train: We believe in Hyper Gravity™ training while evenly loading your body with weight rather than solely on your shoulders. We believe in building products that not only benefit your workout, but also push the limits of modern training. TITIN allows you to maximize your gains by maximizing your exertion, translating effort into tangible results, culminating in a training experience unmatched in the athletic realm.


You are TITIN?

Become a part of the Family. Take your training to the next level.

Place your Order at: http://www.titintech.at/titin_shop/


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