Tom Hardy Traps Workout Secret

One exercise that will change everything.

Would you like to know Tom Hardy traps workout secret? A top fitness coach did just that.

He played Bane on The Dark Knight Rises, Charles Bronson in Bronson, and more recently the symbiote Venom. For all these characters Tom Hardy had to be in great shape. And one thing usually gets people’s attention when seeing him are his immense back, especially the size of his traps.

So, what is Tom Hardy traps workout secret? Jeff Cavaliere decided to share how to get that look.

Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist of the New York Mets for 3 years and is now a YouTube sensation. He delivers clear information without noise on his ATHLEAN-X YouTube channel.

Dumbbell Shrugs Instead of Barbell

According to Cavaliere, there are two mistakes people do when trying to get traps like that and they are connected to what type of equipment you use to work on your traps.

Often is talked about the importance of using barbells to lift heavier weights and, therefore, build more muscle with progressive overloading. However, utilising a barbell often can limit the range of motion of an exercise or even prevent you from doing certain exercises in multiple directions.

That is the case with shrugs. Tom Hardy traps workout secret is utilising dumbbells instead of a barbell when doing shrugs.

Learn How to Do Dumbbell Shrugs Properly

Tom Hardy Traps WorkoutSource: Edgar Chaparro

Traps are not only used for lifting your shoulders up and down, which is how the barbell shrugs limit your movement, but also retract the scapula and pull it back.

When you use dumbbells for shrugs, you are able to retract your shoulders blades back and put your traps under tension for a longer period of time.

If you have any doubts about Tom Hardy traps workout secret, check Jeff Cavaliere’s video below.

Tom Hardy Traps Workout Secret

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