4x Games Athlete Travis Mayer Worries Cheating in the Open will Increase with New Format


“This is my job. This is what provides for my family. If someone’s cheating to get into that… there needs to be a system for that. Regionals isn’t it now.”

4-Times Games athlete Travis Mayer missed out on this year’s CrossFit Games by the narrowest of margins, finishing 6th in the Atlantic Regional, arguably the toughest route to Madison, and now worries that the new format may open the door for cheating.

Speaking to Will Edmonds, host of the AMRAP Podcast, Mayer suggested the requirements for video submission must now be exhaustive.

“There has to be video submission for every single workout and they all need to be watched. If anybody’s in the top 20, all 5 videos need to be submitted, no matter what. You could cheat by 5 seconds, and 5 seconds in the Open with [hundreds of thousands of athletes], could be 40 places.”


Mayer is not putting all this eggs in the Open basket to book his spot in Madison next year. He will travel to the U.A.E. for the Dubai CrossFit Championships in December, where he finished second last year.

During the conversation, Travis also goes into detail about his interesting relationship with Noah Ohlsen, once fierce foe, turned training partner, teammate and now friend, and what it was like to suck up his ego, and be a part of the demo team at the Games, having come so close to qualifying.


You can hear the rest of the podcast by searching for AMRAP on itunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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