Try Chris Hinshaw’s 100 Calorie Death Race Workout

Do you want to die a little? Give this workout a go.

If you want to test your endurance with one hell of a workout programmed by a top coach there’s only one obvious choice: we are, of course, talking about Chris Hinshaw’s 100 calorie death race workout.

This workout is part of his engine-building program, Aerobic Capacity, and is the last workout of a 10-week Echo bike program.

The workout is evil in its simplicity:

Chris Hinshaw’s 100 Calorie Death Race Workout

For Time:

  • 100/80 Echo Bike Calories

Warm up:

4 sets:

  • 5 sec acceleration to sprint
  • 5 cal at 100/80 cal goal pace
  • 5 cal at easy recovery

Rest 2-3 minutes

Part 2:

  • 10 sec acceleration to sprint
  • 15 cal at 100/80 cal goal pace
  • 15 cal at easy recovery

Rest 5-8 minutes

Main workout time.

Purpose of warm up

  • Lock in the targeted muscle memory for the speed you’re aiming for the main workout and test. Identify your target time and work out your pace from there.
  • Build a gradual acceleration for your sprint speed and then hold on to that pace for a handful of calories.
  • Get the cardiorespiratory system, muscle fibres and central nervous system ready to go, while at the same time preparing the head for what it’s about to go through.
Chris Hinshaw's 100 Calorie Death Race WorkoutSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.


Break down the workout in four sections and create three different speeds: one for the start, middle and end.

  • Start: find a sustainable pace
  • Middle: get the work done
  • End: have a slight bump in intensity

The biggest amount of pain is likely to come in the third section of the workout (75/60 cals into it) and once you pass it, confidence will build because you’re close to the finish, Hinshaw explains, so use that to your advantage and increase the pace slightly.

Think about splits and figure out what your target time is for each quarter of the workout.

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Chris Hinshaw explains the full workout

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