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8 Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises for Everyone that can’t MU Yet

Add these into your training.

These Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises are designed for anyone that wants to build strength, mobility, skill and muscular endurance so that one day they can master that elusive Ring Muscle Up!

The Ring Muscle Up is an advanced and difficult exercise and a huge milestone to achieve. They are normalised in CrossFit Games Workouts and Open WODs, however the reality is that only a small number of CrossFit athletes can do them RX.

This article is for everyone else.

For everyone that wants to build more strength, skill, mobility and confidence and one day succeed in RXing this tricky movement.

To get your body ready for the Ring Muscle Up, consider adding alternative exercises to your training regimen that will prepare your body for this impressive exercise.

8 Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises

The following exercises work the back, shoulders, arms, chest, and core:

1. Tricep Dips

The triceps dip is one of the most effective exercises for activating the triceps muscles in your upper arm.

Additionally, you must activate your core as you hold your hips off the ground. The triceps are used for pushing (think the final press at the top of the Ring Muscle Up), and you will engage them in any daily activities that require pushing.

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