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10 Different Types of Burpee For Athletes Looking For a Challenge

If you thought there was only one type of burpee, you’d be mistaken. One of CrossFit’s most loved and loathed exercises, a classic burpee involves touching your thighs and chest to the floor and then jumping up into the air as quickly as possible.

A cardio exercise and bodyweight workout all in one, there are various types of burpees to make the movement even harder, or add a new element to target various muscle groups.

1. The Burpee-Pull Up

Who doesn’t love burpees? Who also doesn’t love pull ups? Combine the two and what do you have — other than something you hope to never see again in a WOD?

Start this move with a standard burpee — chest and thighs to the floor, then stand back up. Instead of finishing it with the usual jump-and-clap-behind-the-head combo, at this point you’re going to jump onto a pull up bar and complete one strict pull up.

pull up back workoutsSource: Wodshots

Don’t have pull ups yet? You can scale that part of the movement to a jumping pull up from the floor or a box, or substitute a TRX row if you need to scale it further. Bingo.

2. Bar Touch Burpee

Burpees involve a jump, we all know that — so why not add an extra bit of a challenge by setting a 7-9ft target (depending on your height) to touch at the end of each burpee? If you’re in a gym with a rig, these bars are the perfect height.

This was one of the workouts in for 2021’s Last Change Qualifier — they had to do 100 of them!

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