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10 Different Types of Burpee For Athletes Looking For a Challenge

3. Over-Rower Burpee

Just to ease you in, grab a rowing machine and do a burpee alongside it. When you stand up, jump OVER the rower, landing on the other side.

That’s ONE burpee. Go into your second burpee on that side of the rower before jumping back over. Just remember there’s a trip hazard in this one, so make sure you jump HIGH!

4. Burpees-Over-Bar

Similar to the over-rower burpee, this one involves jumping over a barbell so is ideal for combining with a movement like a clean or a thruster. The GOOD thing about this type of burpee is that you don’t have to stand up all the way before you jump over the bar – you can save energy and move faster by staying low. Rule #1: don’t trip over the barbell, it hurts!

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