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10 Different Types of Burpee For Athletes Looking For a Challenge

5. Different Types of Burpees: Single Leg Burpee

If you’ve suffered an ankle injury and fear you may never burpee again, do not panic! This one is just for you…

Perform a normal chest-to-floor burpee BUT one foot must stay off the floor at all times. Can also be amended to become a single arm burpee – I’ve used this for PT clients who’ve come in with a broken wrist, and they were just so happy they wouldn’t miss out on any burpees, I can tell you.

6. Pistol Squat Burpee

rich-froning-pistolsSource: CrossFit Inc
Rich Froning doing Pistol Squats

These are an advanced version of the single-leg burpee and are a great opportunity to completely ruin your legs.

Start by standing on one leg and completing a full single-leg burpee INCLUDING the jump. After that, stay on one leg and go down into a squat – this is called a pistol squat. Stand back up. Swap legs and repeat, then hide in a dark room to recover for a few hours afterwards.

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