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10 Different Types of Burpee For Athletes Looking For a Challenge

9. The (Wo)Manmaker Burpee

This is another type of weighted burpee, with a few added extra treats. There are a couple of variations and this is my favourite, so don’t go crazy if you’ve been taught a different one, all burpees are welcome as far as I’m concerned.

Grab two dumbbells and if anyone laughs at your for choosing small weights, just wait until you’ve started on these hideous burpee inventions and see who’s laughing then…

Start standing holding the weights by your sides. Squat down and move into a high plank position, keeping your hands on those dumbbells. Do a push up. Jump your feet in towards your hands and stand back up, cleaning the dumbbells as you go. (If you’re not familiar with a dumbbell clean, just do a bicep curl instead.) Press the dumbbells overhead, then return them to the starting position (by your side). You’re one Manmaker down. Plenty more to go!

And finally…

10. If you haven’t had enough by now, why not try the 7 Minute Burpee Challenge?

This is as simple as it sounds: take the humble burpee and perform as many as you can in 7 minutes. Collapse on floor in a pile of your own sweat. Feel immensely proud that you’ve got through 7 minutes of hell, and never complain about a workout ever again. Burpees? Completed them, mate.

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