10 Unspoken Rules of the Gym – Follow Them Accordingly

Nobody talks about it, but everyone should follow it.

Call it gym etiquette or unsaid agreements. Gyms have written rules and then some should be logical for everyone, but sadly are not followed. Don’t be that person. Check out these 10 unspoken rules of the gym.

How would you know what are the unspoken rules of the gym? Ask experts, mainly fitness coaches who also manage gyms and that is the case of the hosts of the Mind Pump Podcast, an online radio show that talks all fitness related and, usually, is provocative. Its hosts are Sal Di Stefano, Adam SchaferJustin Andrews, and Doug Egge. They also have a YouTube channel with more than 240k subscribers.

They sat down and decided to talk about some unspoken rules of the gym since, around the globe, more and more people are coming back to train inside these buildings.

10 Unspoken Rules of the Gym

1. Don’t Be Smelly

Please wear deodorant if you sweat easily or if you simply smell bad after a training session of lifting weights. It is not uncommon for people to complain about a bad smell coming from other clients in the gym and that can throw off anyone willing to work out.

2. Don’t Start Conversation In The Locker While Naked

“It’s super uncomfortable,” Di Stefano says. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to walk up to anybody and talk to them while you’re naked.”

Sadly, this is more common among old men, for some reason beyond our understanding.

3. Allow People to “Work In”

If you are utilising a machine and someone is waiting for you to finish your sets to take over, allow that person to work in (do a set) while you are resting. “If you started the set and you’re the first one to use that machine or that piece of equipment, the person working in is responsible for putting the weight off and putting it back on,” Di Stefano argues.

It is bad etiquette not to allow someone to do their work while you are resting, especially if you are doing long sets, long periods of resting and utilising your phone while resting. No one is using the equipment, you can share it.

4. Put Weights Away

This rule might be written on the wall of your gym, but some people simply do not follow it. For some reason, or the other, they would leave a barbell with all the weight they loaded. Or take everyone except for one plate.

What if the next person who wants to use that equipment is not strong enough to get the weight plates off safely and gets discouraged to train or, even worse, gets injured.

5. Wipe Your Sweat

This should be obvious, but it is not always that way. Some gyms now will force you to have a workout towel so that you can wipe out your sweat away after using fitness equipment.

Due to the pandemic, some gyms adopted a wet wipe station throughout the building which is also helpful.

6. Don’t Drop Weights

In general, don’t drop weights on the floor after doing a set. “Throwing weights on the floor is not only dangerous, it’s also lazy,” Di Stefano argues.

The only exception where you can do this is on a weightlifting platform with bumper plates. “A weight platform is designed to take that,” Adam Schafer explains.

7. Don’t Talk to People Mid-Set

If they’re in the middle of an exercise, don’t approach them. People need to concentrate while working out and you don’t want to be an obstacle on someone else’s fitness journey.

8. Don’t Wear A Lot of Perfume or Cologne

This can give people headaches or make them nauseous. This is not a nightclub, even if your gym crush is there.

9. Don’t Hoard Equipment

According to Sal di Stefano, people hoarding equipment wasn’t a problem before, but then CrossFit was born and people would just grab different equipment and keep it for themselves for a session.

Source: Sabel Blanco / Pexels

If you are doing supersets using two different pieces of equipment, that is not a problem. If you’re using more machines or equipment, you travel and pick them up for the set and if someone is using it, then you figure out how to change the workout somehow. Don’t hoard the equipment and say you are using 5 different weights of dumbbells or kettlebells.

10. Tight Spandex

This is more for guys that wear spandex when working out. No problem wearing them, but make sure they are not too revealing or wear shorts on top of that. That can be uncomfortable for many people if it is possible to discern your genitalia from wearing this attire.

VIDEO – Unspoken Rules of the Gym

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