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2 Most Intense Sets For Muscle Growth – NOT FOR BEGINNERS

Improve your fitness level faster.

Check out the 2 most intense sets for muscle growth.

These sets are techniques that you can use for any exercise or workout to see maximum muscle mass development. This is not recommended for beginners as it will demand a lot from your body.

In a video, sports teacher and YouTube fitness guru Alex Lorenz talked about the 2 most intense sets for muscle growth. He is the co-founder of Calisthenic Movement and has trained Calisthenics since 2012, uploading videos regularly for those people interested in getting in shape using only their body weight.

2 Most Intense Sets For Muscle Growth

1. Rest-Pause Set

Rest pause set breaks down a set into several mini sets with a short in between them. You can do with a low or higher rep range, depending on what you are focusing on:

  • 3-8 reps = strength focused
  • 8-15 reps = hypertrophy focused

You should know that you can do this type of training with any exercise, as long as you stick to the rep range and the correct rest time.

Lorenz exemplifies a straight bar dip. He does as many reps as possible and then rests for 20-25 seconds before doing more reps to failure, resting again for 20-25 seconds, and a final go for failure. That counts as one rest-pause set.

“The rest-pause method is an intensifying technique to set a higher stimulus for your muscles to grow,” Lorenz explains, increasing the metabolic stress for muscles.

2. Drop Set

BOXROX covered extensively this technique known as the drop set.

In short, choose an exercise that uses weight, perform a set to failure, reduce the weight immediately by 20-30% and continue for more reps with that weight. Usually, you would do 2 to 3 drops in one drop set.

Most Intense Sets For Muscle GrowthSource: Scott Webb

Since Lorenz is a master of calisthenics, it is impossible to do the traditional drop set since you are only using your body weight. To tackle that, you need to choose a different variation of the same exercise, one that is typically easier.

A good example are body rows in which you can go as close to the horizontal as possible. By changing the angle of your body to a more vertical position, you are making the exercise easier, thus decreasing the load, so you can crank out more reps to failure and utilise the drop set technique.

And those are the 2 most intense sets for muscle growth according to Alex Lorenz

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