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20 Signs That You Have Crossfit Obsession

16 You strongly believe that Cavemen had much better diets that the junk that half the contemporary world stuffs down its throat.

And you are probably right.

Paleo Peach Cobbler
Paleo Peach Cobbler

17 If a WOD doesn’t leave you feeling sore the next day, then you secretly feel a bit cheated.

Although this soon passes and turns into motivation for your next WOD.

18 Most of what you drink comes from a shaker.

You may also find the sound of the shaker shaking incredibly satisfying.

19 You have on at least one occasion, probably more, demonstrated the correct form for squats or burpees to co-workers.

At least they won’t make any more mistakes from now on!

20 Your perfect partner really needs to be into Crossfit as well

TandemDeadlifts (photo by Nero RX'd Photography)Source: RX'd Photography
TandemDeadlifts (photo by Nero RX’d Photography)

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