UPDATED: Ellie Turner and Jeff Adler Are The Overall (Unofficial) Winners of CrossFit Open Workout 23.2

However, Charles Curran, Graciano Rubio, Mal O'Brien and Barrett Koons won individually each partition of the workout.

The leaderboard is not finalised yet, but we know who are the unofficial winners of CrossFit Open workout 23.2: Ellie Turner and Jeff Adler have come out with the best overall placement after combining both partitions 23.2A and 23.2B.

CrossFit’s rulebook states that Monday is the last day for athletes to upload their scores for the Open workout. Although many scores are still yet to be validated, we can draw a few conclusions as to who won each partition and who got the least points combined – meaning, who was the best overall in each category.

Ellie Turner and Jeff Adler Win CrossFit Open Workout 23.2

Australian athlete Ellie Turner and Canadian strongman Jeff Adler have gotten the least amount of points after combining 23.2A and 23.2B. In the Open, the fewer points you get, the higher placed in the leaderboard you will be.

Each partition of 23.2 allocated points to athletes. Here is how many points Ellie Turner and Jeff Adler got at the end of the event:

  • Ellie Turner – 104 points
  • Jeff Adler – 100 points

Ellie Turner did an incredible performance showing her skills and strength. She finished 35th in 23.2A (168 reps) and lifted 207 pounds, which placed her 73rd in the world.

Although she won with 108 points, Turner was followed closely by Mal O’Brien. The teenage sensation finished 23.2 with a combined 108 points, only two more than the Australian athlete.

While the women’s division was close, in the men’s division Jeffrey Adler dusted the competition. The well-rounded Canadian athlete finished 46th in 23.2A (181 reps) and his 1-rep-max thruster got him in 60th place after lifting 312 pounds.

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UPDATED: Who Won Each Segment 23.2A and 23.2B?

Although Turner and Adler won the overall 23.2 CrossFit Open workout, since the event was divided into two parts, it rarely is the case that the overall winners actually won one or both parts of the workout.

CrossFit updated the leaderboard on Tuesday night and the top previous athletes who had won some of the events had their scores adjusted. The winners of 23.2B are still the same, two relatively unknown CrossFit athletes, but the leaderboard for 23.2A has been changed both for the men and women’s division. Previously, the winners of 23.2A were Paige Chapman and Oscar Lopez.

23.2A – Mallory O’Brien and Carles Curran

23.2A was won by one of the favourites to win Fittest Woman on Earth this year: Mallory O’Brien, the current 2nd fittest woman on Earth, has narrowly won the event with 188 reps (7th round), only two above 2nd place.

Previously, Scott Tetlow had won the event, but later suffered a penalty for the pull-up bar height and dropped to 37th. The winner, as of the last update, is now 30-year-old Charles Curran. He made it to round 7 of 23.2A and did 191 reps.

23.2B – Barrett Koons and Graciano Rubio

The one-rep-max thruster in the women’s division was won by 27-year-old Barrett Koons. She lifted 242 pounds – 2nd place managed to lift 238 pounds. Koons has done the Open on 3 occasions in the past (2018, 2019 and 2021). Her score is yet to be validated.

32-year-old Graciano Rubio from CrossFit ValleyView had his score validated, thus making him the winner of 23.2B. He has participated in the Open since 2015 and never got through to Quarterfinals. He won 23.2B by lifting 375 pounds – 2nd place lifted 360 pounds.

Unofficial Leaderboard After CrossFit Open Workout 23.2

Here is how the leaderboard stands after scores have been uploaded to CrossFit’s platform.


  1. Mallory O’Brien – 110 points
  2. Paige Powers – 134 points
  3. Emma Lawson – 177points
  4. Alex Gazan – 186 points
  5. Arielle Loewen – 220 points
  6. Zoe Warren – 255 points
  7. Oihana Moya – 258 points
  8. Ellie Turner – 269 points
  9. Elena Carratala Sanahuja – 274 points
  10. Amanda Barnhart – 283 points


  1. Jeffrey Adler – 103 points
  2. Tola Morakinyo – 218 points
  3. Colten Mertens – 310 points
  4. Tyler Christophel – 348 points
  5. Reggie Fasa – 399 points
  6. Roldan Goldbaum – 489 points
  7. Cam Crockett – 528 points
  8. Ricky Garard – 614 points
  9. Samuel Cournoyer – 614 points
  10. Dallin Pepper – 644 points

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