3 Easy Tips for Building a Big Chest Fast

Yes, you can optimise your training with these.

We are generally against quick tips and hacks in training and nutrition as they tend not to work, but if there’s a more effective way to train that might save you time and effort while securing gains, we’re all ears.

Buff Dudes compiled 3 easy tips for building a big chest fast and we thought we’d share them because they can really help.

So, without further ado, here are the 3 easy tips to help you build a bigger chest.

3 Easy Tips for Building a Big Chest Fast

1 – Pack the shoulders tight during the bench press to isolate the chest more

Of course the bench press is a compound exercise, but packing the shoulders tight will help you concentrate on the chest so muscles like the front delt aren’t as involved.

Don’t think of it as arching your chest up but pulling your shoulders back.

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2 – Spend more time under tension

Sometimes, when you complete the range of motion in exercises like the incline dumbbell fly, your muscles aren’t active at the top as there’s no tension.

Incline dumbbell bench press chest exerciseSource: Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Instead, you can stop just before the muscle stops working and come back down to keep the tension on the chest throughout the whole rep.

3 – Remember the triceps are important

If you want to build your numbers up but have hit a plateau, what might be stopping you is perhaps not your chest but your triceps.

Building size and strength in the triceps by isolating them can help you develop a bigger chest because strong triceps allow you to push more, which means you can add greater numbers to your lifts without your arms holding you back.

Exercises you can do to strengthen the triceps include:

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Make sure you don’t ignore the triceps when working on your chest!

Now time for you to go and apply these 3 easy tips for building a big chest fast. Have fun!

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