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How to Get Wider Triceps

6 exercises to help you get wider triceps

Find out how to get wider triceps with these 6 exercises.

Although the biceps are usually the flashy muscle on the arms, in order to get the illusion of bigger and stronger arms you need to work your triceps.

The triceps are the biggest muscle on your arms and by focussing on that muscle, you will give the impression of having bigger arms. To find out how to get wider triceps with the video below from Jeff Cavaliere.

How to Get Wider TricepsSource: John Fornand on Unsplash
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Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist of the New York Mets for 3 years and is now a YouTube sensation. He delivers clear information without noise on his ATHLEAN-X YouTube channel.

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In this video, he explains how to get wider triceps by doing 6 exercises.

How to Get Wider Triceps

1. Lying Triceps Extension

Make sure your arms are angled backwards the entire time, not allowing your arms to go fully extended over your head. If your arms go straight up above your head while doing this exercise, you will take away significant resistance put on the triceps.

2. Drag Push Down

3. Dumbbell Overhead Extension

You may add in the sequence a kick back extension and make this exercise extra demanding on your triceps if you are short on time.

The problem is that the weight utilised on the kick back extension is usually lighter than when doing the overhead extension. To tackle that, Jeff Cavaliere says that you should do 3 reps on the overhead extension for each kick back extension you do.

4. Triceps Push Down

5. Diamond Cutter Push-Up

6. Dumbbell Press

Do this last exercise with elbows tucked to the side. Nothing new here, except the trick is on the movement of the thumbs. “I’m trying to make my thumbs point up toward the sky as I come up,” Jeff explains. By doing that, your elbows will go into full extension and that will hit the medial triceps.

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