5 Exercises To Get a Flat Belly in 30 Minutes

Only 30 minutes consistently to see results.

Check out 5 exercises to get a flat belly in 30 minutes

Trying to lose belly fat and make it flat is not an easy task. There are many reasons for that:

  1. Genetics: Genetics can play a role in where your body stores fat. Some people are more prone to storing fat in their bellies, which can make it more difficult to lose.
  2. Hormones: Hormones, such as cortisol and insulin, can affect how your body stores fat, especially in the belly area. High levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, can lead to increased belly fat.
  3. Age: As you age, your metabolism slows down, making it more difficult to lose weight and belly fat.
  4. Poor Diet: A diet high in processed foods, sugar, and saturated fats can contribute to increased belly fat. Eating a healthy diet is important for losing belly fat.
  5. Lack of Exercise: Exercise is crucial for burning calories and reducing belly fat. A sedentary lifestyle can make it more difficult to lose belly fat.

Some people tend to try new diets, which is a great way to lose weight. Hint: the best diet is a healthy one that you can maintain for a long period of time, not a crash diet.

If you see it above, the last point made is lack of exercise that will not burn calories enough to make your body fat percentage go down and, thus, get your belly flat. Here is where this article comes into play with the help of Max Posternak.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

He shared a video explaining 5 exercises to get a flat belly in 30 minutes. Check it out.

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5 Exercises To Get a Flat Belly in Just 30 Minutes

First things first, this workout is not going to make your belly flat magically in 30 minutes. You have to be consistent with it and see the progress through the weeks and months.

“The reason why these exercises work is because they take advantage of the function of the deepest layer of abdominal muscle that most people don’t even know about,” posternak explains.

So, what are these 5 exercises to get a flat belly in 30 minutes? These exercises will focus on the transverse abdominis, a part of your ab muscles that wraps around your torso creating a “corset effect,” Posternak explains. Some movements will target this muscle specifically, while other are compound movements that will also hit your transverse abdominis.

They are:

1. Standing Overhead Barbell Squat

By hanging a weight over your head and having to squat down while maintaining good form, you will recruit a lot of your deep layer abdominal muscle fibre to stabilise that movement.

2. Plank with Progressions

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When doing planks, it’s important to have your body and weight positioning correct. Planks can get boring or too easy, and that is when you need to apply more resistance to this great core exercise.

When adding a weight plate to your back while doing planks, position the plate on your lumbar, on the arch of your back.

3. Overhead Press / Military Press

Next in this list of 5 exercises to get a flat belly in just 30 minutes is another overhead movement: the overhead press. This can be done with a barbell or with dumbbells. This movement is also referred to as military press.

4. Stability Ball Crunch

Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 30 Minutes

Since the main purpose of the transverse abdominis is spinal stability, the stability ball is going to have you challenge this specific part of the movement.

Make sure you are not sitting too far low or too high up on the stability ball. And since this is a crunch, not a sit-up, you want to stop lifting your upper body at about 60 degrees to keep the tension on your abs at all times.

You can hold a plate behind your head to add more resistance to this exercise.

5. Drawing In Maneuver

This exercise can be done at the end of your ab workout to become a good finisher, or, if your abdominals are quite weak, at the very beginning to activate your deep layer abdominal muscle fibres.

Stay on your fours on the floor, and you want to draw your belly button and abs in, hold for 5-20 seconds and expand them back out.

So how are these 5 exercises to get a flat belly in just 30 minutes supposed to look in a workout? Posternak suggests super setting them, which means doing two exercises with no rest in between them.

Try it like this:

  • Superset 1 – 10 overhead squat, 10 drawing in maneuver

Do 3 sets with 2 minute break between each set.

  • Superset 2 – 10 overhead press, 10 1-minute plank

Do 3 sets with 2 minute break between each set.

  • 20 reps of weighted crunches on stability ball

Do 3 sets with 2 minute break between each set.

And there you have it, those were the 5 exercises to get a flat belly in just 30 minutes. You can try the workout right now to see it for yourself. Just be consistent and train regularly this workout.

Click on the video below for more information from Max Posternak.

VIDEO – 5 Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 30 Minutes

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Lowering belly fat can bring several benefits to your overall health and well-being. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases: Belly fat is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Lowering belly fat can help reduce the risk of these diseases.
  2. Improves insulin sensitivity: Belly fat can affect insulin sensitivity, which can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Lowering belly fat can improve insulin sensitivity, which can help prevent or manage type 2 diabetes.
  3. Boosts metabolism: Belly fat can slow down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight. Lowering belly fat can help boost your metabolism, making it easier to burn calories and lose weight.
  4. Improves cardiovascular health: Belly fat can increase the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other cardiovascular problems. Lowering belly fat can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of these problems.
  5. Increases energy levels: Carrying excess belly fat can make you feel tired and sluggish. Lowering belly fat can increase your energy levels and improve your overall quality of life.

Overall, lowering your belly fat can bring many benefits to your health and well-being, including reducing the risk of chronic diseases, improving insulin sensitivity, boosting metabolism, improving cardiovascular health, and increasing energy levels.

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