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5 Reasons Why You’re Not More Successful at CrossFit

Are any of these reasons interfering with your progress?


One of the big reasons why you’re not able to do butterfly pull-ups, snatch your bodyweight or do three handstand push-ups is because you’re not strong enough, it’s that simple.

Foundational strength is paramount to CrossFit success. Every exercise, from gymnastic movements to bar complexes and even bodyweight workouts require a solid foundation of strength.

Good foundational strength in basic exercises will translate directly to more complex ones. For example, it is clear how a deadlift can help the initial stages of the snatch, however, deadlifts also improve your grip strength and they are a great exercise to strengthen your core, consequently making your Rope Climbs or Muscle-Ups more efficient.

Strength and flexibility are also intrinsically tied together. You might have good foundational strength, but you won’t be able to perform properly without strength and mobility working together.

For example, a squat requires full range of motion (heels on the ground, neutral spine), as well as the strength to support the additional load of the barbell. You need mobility to improve strength and strength to improve mobility.

Overhead stability

To become a more successful CrossFit athlete you need to train to develop strength and flexibility in the specific ranges of motions each exercise demands of you.

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