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5 Reasons Why You’re Not More Successful at CrossFit

Are any of these reasons interfering with your progress?


The first step towards CrossFit success is identifying your weaknesses, the next is working on tacking them. Start by identifying where there are issues; once you know and acknowledge there is a problem you can do something about it.

If you skip workouts because you don’t like running or cherry pick to only train those days where your strengths come up you might have lots of fun, but you’ll never get better at the things you don’t like because you don’t expose yourself to them.

It’s easy to avoid the things we believe aren’t our strengths because if you hate (or are scared of) doing something, you’re less willing to go through the process of doing it. This only means your progress will stagnate.

Sometimes, the sheer magnitude of a task can seem overwhelming, and every time you try to improve you simply get frustrated by your failures. Instead of trying to do all at once, start with small, manageable chunks and stay consistent.

For example, if you’re working on your double unders, practice them every day for five minutes. Set that time cap so you stop before frustration kicks in and make sure you practice every single day (if you’re serious about wanting to improve).

This applies to everything: your endurance, your speed, your power – work separately on your weaknesses and you will continue to progress on your fitness journey.

There will always be obstacles to doing something, however, to be more successful at CrossFit you should know to prioritise your health and learn how to navigate and overcome these obstacles.

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