5 Ways To Force Chest Muscle Growth Faster

Improve your upper body looks.

Find out 5 ways to force chest muscle growth faster.

Turns out that lifting more does not exactly mean more hypertrophy. In fact, there are certain instances that lifting more weight or doing more reps might not help your muscles grow as fast as they can. This falls within the junk volume weight training idea, but there is so much more than that that you might be aware of.

The ways to force chest muscle growth fast you are about to see were envisioned by coach Alain Gonzalez, an author, personal trainer and YouTuber with over 700k subscribers.

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5 Ways To Force Chest Muscle Growth Faster

Coach Alain Gonzalez explains that there 5 ways to force chest muscle growth faster. They are:

  1. Fixing your form
  2. Increasing frequency
  3. Progression
  4. Undulating rep range
  5. Being in a caloric surplus

There are some ins and outs about each of the arguments from above. To understand fully the 5 ways to force chest muscle growth faster, click on the video below in which Gonzalez will talk extensively about each point.

VIDEO – 5 Ways To Force Chest Muscle Growth Faster

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Training your chest can have a number of benefits for your overall fitness and physical health. Here are some reasons why you might want to train your chest:

  1. Strengthening your chest muscles: Chest exercises like bench presses, push-ups, and dumbbell flyes can help you build stronger chest muscles. This can improve your overall upper body strength and make it easier to perform daily activities that require pushing or pulling.
  2. Aesthetics: A well-developed chest can enhance the appearance of your upper body, giving you a more balanced and proportional physique.
  3. Improved posture: A strong chest can also help improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back and helping you maintain a more upright position.
  4. Increased metabolism: Chest exercises can also help boost your metabolism, which can help you burn more calories throughout the day.
  5. Improved athletic performance: A strong chest can improve your performance in a variety of sports and activities that require upper body strength, such as basketball, football, and rock climbing.

Overall, training your chest can have numerous benefits for your physical health, appearance, and athletic performance. It’s important to incorporate a variety of exercises into your chest workout routine to ensure that you’re targeting all the muscles in your chest, as well as other muscles in your upper body.

Benefits of chest dipsSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

The frequency with which you should train your chest depends on various factors such as your fitness goals, training level, and the intensity of your workouts. However, a general guideline for most people is to train their chest muscles 1-2 times per week.

If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to start with one chest workout per week to allow your muscles to recover and adapt to the new stimulus. As you progress, you may increase the frequency to two times per week to stimulate further muscle growth and development.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced lifter or a bodybuilder, you may benefit from training your chest more frequently, up to three times per week, as part of a split routine.

It’s important to listen to your body and give your chest muscles enough time to recover between workouts to prevent injury and overtraining. Additionally, incorporating a variety of exercises and rep ranges into your chest workouts can help prevent plateaus and stimulate muscle growth.

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