7 Best Bicep Cable Exercises

Pick your poison.

Check out some of the best bicep cable exercises you can do next time you hit the gym.

Working the biceps is difficult as the muscle is fairly small compared to other muscle groups and it often gets overshadowed by the triceps. However, if you want to work your biceps and stay injury-free, especially on your joints, one good way to do that is to utilise the cable machine.

The video below with the best bicep cable exercises was designed by John Meadows. “The Mountain Dog” is a professional bodybuilder, trainer and nutritionist who died in 2021.

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 Best Bicep Cable ExercisesSource: Courtesy fo Balck Box VR

7 Best Bicep Cable Exercises

1.Cable Curls with Elbows Pinned to Sides

You can use the straight bar if you want, but Meadows use the one with a bit of a curve because it is easier on the wrists.

2. Rope Curls with Elbows Lifting a Little

By changing the attachment, you change the muscles you are targeting. Besides the biceps, it also hits your brachialis.

3. High Cable Curls

Also known as crucifix curls. There is zero stress on your joints doing this so it is very safe for your biceps. You can also stay on your knees to have the cable a bit higher than your head high.

4. Single-Arm Low Cable Curls

This puts the biceps in a long stretch position at the beginning of the exercise, which is great for the long head of the muscle.

5. Reverse Cable Curls

This is a lot of forearm exercise together with your biceps. Tuck your elbows in and curl the bar.

6. Behind the Head Curls

Only do this if you have good wrist flexibility, otherwise, choose one of the other exercises on this list.

7. Single-Arm Preacher Curls

If you have a bench, you can do the traditional preacher curl to focus all the cable tension on your biceps.

VIDEO – Best Bicep Cable Exercises

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