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8 Techniques to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

These tips should help you feel less hungry while dieting.

Is there a way to reduce hunger while dieting? Yes, here are 8 tips for you to feel less hungry while you’re following your diet, no matter which fat loss program it is.

Mike Israetel, a PhD in Sport Physiology and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization, talked about 8 ways to reduce hunger while dieting.

“Imagine a fat loss diet process which you complete and upon reflection, you never really got super hungry.  Is that a huge victory,” says Israetel.

Despite being 8 ways to reduce hunger while dieting, you should be aware that there is a time to employ these techniques, as Mike Israetel explains.

In the end, he talks about one meal that is a real “anti-hunger meal”, that has similar macros and will keep you full for a longer period. He also talks about another meal that is the opposite, that you need to eat, that is a mass gaining meal.

8 Ways to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

  1. Low-calorie density – green veggies, fruits, oats, chicken breast and fish. This goes hand in hand with what the Volumetrics Diet is all about, eating more with fewer calories.
  2. More protein – The more protein you eat, generally speaking, the more you are satiated.
  3. Not Eating When Hungry –  If you are the type of person that gets hungrier in the evening and not so much during the morning, do not force eating in the morning just because you have to. Chances are, in the evening, to continue on the diet caloric deficit, you will probably feel hungry and not control yourself.
  4. Higher Fibre – “Fibre tends to attract water to itself. It tends to expand the stomach and the small intestines and that tends to give a signal of fullness.” Also, fibre has very few calories, so it makes you feel full while ingesting not so many calories.
  5. No liquid calories – Cut fruit juices,milkshakes, or sodas – you may switch to diet sodas. “Liquid calories are an easy way to get tons of calories in without your hunger falling off much.”
  6. Fluid preload, slow eating – Drinking fluids before eating will make your stomach full. Eating slower can be beneficial to curb your hunger a little bit, as your stomach will send the signal of being full to your brain while you’re eating and not after you finished your plate and feel bloated.
  7. High caffeine – If you introduce a little bit more caffeine intake in your daily intake, you can “squash the appetite,” Mike Israetel says.
  8. Reduce/eliminate high palatability foods – Tasty food has the effect of making you want it more especially when you are on a fat loss diet. Those high palatability foods usually are junk food designed to make you crave more the more you consume them.

When to Use These Techniques?

When you just start the diet

  • Don’t use a whole lot of anti-hunger strategies
  • Get the easy fat loss while you can – diets tend to work great in the beginning as it works as a shock treatment to your body.
  • Save your big weapons for when you need them.

As your hunger climbs through the diet

  • Begin to use a few more of these techniques and use them more and more as needed.

When the fat loss phase is over

  • Continue to use them, but use them less and less as you eat to maintain your weight and still feel less hungry.

VIDEO – Ways to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

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