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CROSSFIT NEWS: The USA 2017 Invitational Team Has a New Coach

Adam Neiffer has competed in the Affiliate Cup since 2009 with CrossFit Fort Vancouver, which took third place this year in Madison, Wisconsin. With nine appearances at the CrossFit Games Neiffer is the most experienced athlete on board. He is excited to be able to share his experience of team competition with the USA team.

Adam Neiffer earned a B.S. in Physics and Education & Youth Studies at Beloit College. He was introduced to the CrossFit Games for the first time in 2005. Not much later he realized that what he enjoyed most was to share his experience and abilities to teach so he moved to coaching at CrossFit Portland. In 2009 CrossFit Fort Vancouver opened.

“Our mission has been simple from the start: to make people’s lives better. Today, our coaching staff is a team of a dozen amazing leaders who share the same passion to help others.”

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Introducing The 2017 Invitational USA Team

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