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Athletes and Teams Going to the CrossFit Games After Second Week of Semifinals

A total of 29 athletes and 14 teams punched their tickets to Madison during the action-packed weekend.

It was a thrilling weekend for lovers of the Sport. Three Semifinals occurred and 29 athletes and 14 teams received their invitation to compete at the highest level in Madison at the 2023 CrossFit Games. And we had a few surprises along the way.

This past weekend, competitors from North America West, Oceania and South America went through 7 workouts to make their best attempt at going to the CrossFit Games this August.

As we mentioned earlier, Semifinals will have different Games-qualifying spots depending on the strength-of-field. The North America West handed out 19 individual invitations at the end of the weekend.

Who Is Going to the 2023 CrossFit Games

North America West

The biggest showdown was seen at the North America West packed with elite-level athletes competing side-by-side such as Justin Medeiros and Kathrin Davidsdottir.

The top 9 men and 10 women received an invitation after the weekend and our prediction was a bit off.

We touted Dani Speegle to get an invitation with ease, but she finished 2 points shy and in 11th, leaving her out of Madison this time. Another surprise was Moosbrugger finishing 33rd overall.

In the men’s division, the biggest surprise was Justin Medeiros not featuring on the podium despite being the current Fittest Man on Earth and finishing on top at Quarterfinals. From our predictions, the one-off we got was touting Tudor Magda as a dark horse for the podium while he ended up 25th on the leaderboard.


  1. Alex Gazan – 538 points
  2. Katrin Davidsdottir – 527
  3. Arielle Loewen – 525
  4. Christine Kolenbrander – 507
  5. Bethany Shadburne – 504
  6. Emily Rolfe – 465
  7. Olivia Kerstetter – 457
  8. Abigail Domit – 421
  9. Baylee Rayl – 415
  10. Kelly Baker – 415


  1. Pat Vellner – 612 points
  2. Brent Fikowski – 569
  3. Samuel Kwant – 564
  4. Cole Greashaber – 528
  5. Justin Medeiros – 519
  6. Chandler Smith – 490
  7. Nick Mathew – 472
  8. Colten Mertens – 458
  9. Cole Sager – 458


  1. CrossFit Franco’s Misfits – 555 points
  2. CrossFit Invictus – 555
  3. CrossFit Omnia – 555
  4. CrossFit Kilo II – 528
  5. Koda CrossFit Redemption – 486
  6. CrossFit Invictus Unconquerable – 483
  7. Rhino CrossFit Dawgs – 444
  8. CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green – 432
  9. Einhorn CrossFit Ascend – 417
  10. CrossFit Believe – 364

Full leaderboard here.

Torian Pro – Oceania

The two most famous female athletes from the region did not compete this weekend. Both Tia-Clair Toomey and Kara Saunders got pregnant last year and have dedicated their time to the new addition to the family instead of CrossFit competitions.

With only 3 spots available, it was up for grabs for both men and women to start planning their flight to the United States during the summer.

The women’s division was incredibly difficult to pinpoint to a favourite and we guessed 2 out of 3 who could come out on the podium. Katelin Van Zyl, despite finishing 1st during Quarterfinals, did not manage to get her comeback to the Games.

In the men’s division, Ricky Garard had to pull out weeks in advance as he had a mountain bike accident and his season was cut short. BOXROX predicted that Jay Crouch would win, and we got that one right. Our dark horses pick completed the podium this weekend.


  1. Ellie Turner – 592 points
  2. Jamie Simmonds – 568
  3. Emily de Rooy – 556


  1. Jay Crouch – 600 points
  2. Bayley Martin – 554
  3. Jake Douglas – 531
Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.


  1. CrossFit Torian Mayhem – 585 points
  2. Plus64 CrossFit 64Army Endgame – 570
  3. PFC CrossFit 3076 – 505

Full leaderboard here.

South America – Copa Sur

Copa Sur was held in Rio de Janeiro this year and all eyes were on Guilherme Malheiros, the Brazilian athlete who took the CrossFit world by storm two years ago after finishing 7th with impressive lifts at the Games. The following year he finished 10th overall in Madison and everyone, including BOXROX, had written him off as a guarantee for a Games comeback this year – we were all wrong.

With only 2 spots awarded for both men and women, the competition was down to the last workout to know who would come out on top. To have an idea, none of our predictions got through in the men’s division, but at least we got the women’s winner correctly.


  1. Victoria Campos – 616 points
  2. Alexia Williams – 600


  1. Kaique Cerveny – 660 points
  2. Kalyan Souza – 644


  1. Templo SA CrossFit Blacksheep Treta – 535 points

Full leaderboard here.

Who else surprised you this weekend at Semifinals?

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