Shoulder Injury Forces Ricky Garard Out of The 2023 CrossFit Season

The 3rd Fittest Man on Earth had a mountain bike accident.

Ricky Garard has announced his CrossFit season is over after injuring his shoulder after a mountain bike accident.

Australia’s fittest season has been cut short due to doing “the things that I love.” Ricky Garard shared a video explaining he had a mountain bike accident last week, did surgery and now won’t be able to compete in the Semifinals in Oceania. He finished first overall in the continent during Individaul Quarterfinals.

“Long story short. I come off my mountain bike about 8-9 days ago now. Landed on my shoulder and I’ve ruptured the AC joint in my shoulder. A fair bit of damage.”

According to his video, published late evening on Wednesday, he had shoulder surgery on Monday (3). In his words, he will have to lay low for a while. “Four to six months recovery. So that means my season is gone for 2023.”

Although his official season is over, he is still looking forward to other competitions. “Possibly Rogue [Invitational], possibly Dubai [Fitness Challenge], Miami [Wodapalooza], Down Under [Championship]. Still, plenty of competitions on the horizon for me to keep me focused.”

Ricky Garard’s CrossFit Career So Far

Ricky Garard has been a controversial figure in CrossFit. In 2017 he qualified to the Games and finished 3rd, only to be caught doping, ripped off his bronze medal, and served a 4-year ban. In 2022 he came back and finished 3rd again at the Games.

Earlier this year, Garard won Wodapalooza in Miami.

  • Worldwide ranking placement – 21st
  • 2023 Open placement – 7th
  • Best Open placement – 7th
  • CrossFit Games appearances – 2
  • Best CrossFit Games placement – 3rd (2022)

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