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Introducing Atom, the Best Virtual Fitness Experience that Exists

Optimise your fitness and performance.

RPM is shaking up the virtual fitness market with the launch of Atom, a first of its kind, fully immersive at-home functional training experience.

Authentic strength equipment combined with corresponding daily workouts, full digital classes, and a unique new platform make Atom the only true connected strength and conditioning program.

Each Atom kit functions as a complete home gym, custom-built to the user’s ability level and lifestyle with every piece of equipment needed to follow the Atomic program: a daily workout designed by world-class coaches to develop athletic potential and capacity through purposeful functional training.

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Atom is live and available for purchase on November 15, 2021 at rpmtraining.com.

RPM is welcoming the first cohort of Atom athletes with limited-time founder pricing (25% savings) as low as $63/mo for 12 months at 0% APR.

Under this founder pricing structure, the Axis Kit is $749, the Fly Kit is $995, and the Power Kit is $1499, along with a $29/mo all-access, no-commitment Atom membership that includes the Atomic daily training program, digital classes, and global leaderboard.

In August 2021, RPM offered a first look at the Atom equipment and programming to the functional fitness community in attendance at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, where RPM was the Official Sponsor of the Campground.

Event attendees had the first opportunity to test the Atom gear and programming at the RPM Campground’s outdoor Atom gym.

Immediately following the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, RPM launched its beta program of the Atom platform, where dozens of athletes have been training and logging scores since August.

Users can expect to see their names on the leaderboard next to RPM-sponsored professional athletes such as Olympic snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis, 2021 U.S. Open of Surfing Champion Griffin Colapinto, and CrossFit Games athlete Jeffrey Adler.


Upon joining, Atom members will gain access to the full Daily Training (DT) library, with a new workout posting every weekday inside the all-new Atom platform. Each scalable workout will be automatically configured based on the athlete’s kit and current fitness or skill level, ensuring that everyone can participate in every session.

Each DT session has a programming option and an on-screen athlete performing that option for every kit. The classes are led by world-class coaches and programmed by CrossFit legends Tamaryn and Pat Barber.

An athlete can follow the entire class (usually 45-60 min) or jump around to specific elements (warm-up, activation, workout, cooldown, etc.) within our custom video interface using convenient queue points.

Atom’s daily training program (Atomic) is a traditional General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program, designed to improve capacity across all parameters of fitness—speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, etc.—in order to develop the confidence and capacity to live life to its fullest.


With Atom, RPM introduces phase one of Atomic Scoring, a revolutionary move away from an all-or-nothing scaling system that uses a proprietary algorithm to rank athletes on the leaderboard based on a combination of how they scaled each individual movement and their score in terms of time, reps, or load.

This more nuanced approach makes for a more meaningful and social leaderboard experience, especially for the vast majority of athletes who scale workouts to varying degrees.

When combined with the ability to like and comment on friends’ scores, and eventually create custom private leaderboards, post media with score submissions, and even follow favorite athletes’ training journeys, the community power of Atom shines on the leaderboard.


Each Atom kit is a true functional training home gym, custom-built for the individual athlete’s ability level, lifestyle, and space limitations. Many of the individual pieces of Atom equipment have been redesigned from the ground up by RPM and are manufactured or built in the USA.

The Axis Kit contains a plyobox, dumbbells (2), sandbag, kettlebell, and jump rope, in addition to a full set of smaller accessory pieces: a core mat, training mat, foam roller, myoball, and set of resistance bands.

The Fly Kit contains everything in the Axis Kit plus a patent-pending adjustable or fixed pull-up bar (per user’s choice) and gymnastics rings.

The Power Kit contains everything in the Fly Kit plus a barbell, bumper plates, and barbell collars.

If a customer already knows their appropriate equipment loading, they can select a kit and check out immediately. If not, they go through a quick assessment process to make sure they get the best kit for their needs and skill level.


Orders open November 15, 2021. Equipment kits are expected to ship within 4-6 weeks from the time of order. Access to the Atom platform and programming will be available immediately from the time of purchase of a kit and/or membership.


Atom is live with limited-time founder pricing (25% savings) for as low as $63/mo for 12 months at 0% APR.

  • Axis: $749 $995
  • Fly: $999 $1,395
  • Power: $1,499 $1,995

An all-access Atom membership ($29/mo $39/mo) is required with all Atom kit purchases, and will also be available as an independent subscription without a kit purchase.

No commitment. Pause or cancel any time.

They are even offering a 3-month free trial of unlimited Atom membership with every kit purchase.


RPM is also excited to announce that the company’s upcoming annual charity event, the 10k Challenge, will be run on the Atom platform, giving all 10k participants the opportunity to try out the Atom leaderboard, social features, and a selection of digital classes as part of their 10k experience.

Every January, RPM challenges the global active community to complete 10,000 double-unders in 30 days or less in support of the Iron Compass initiative.

The mission of the Iron Compass is to provide underserved youth with fitness and mentorship opportunities through the functional training and outdoor/action sports communities.

RPM and the Iron Compass partner with like-minded organizations to give kids the chance to realize their own potential, develop resilience and confidence, and find a sense of belonging in a positive and healthy community. In 2022, Iron Compass charity partners include FYR, STOKED, and local Santa Cruz program the Capitola Junior Guards.

Registration for the 10k Challenge opens November 17, 2021, and the event kicks off January 3, 2022.


Active lifestyle brand RPM Training Co., founded in 2012 by brothers Josh and Shane Rogers, emerged from the local Northern California CrossFit scene to earn a worldwide reputation for design and quality within the functional training, action sports, and outdoor communities.

The launch of Atom builds on the brand’s history of innovation within the training equipment space—as exemplified by their premium speed rope—and commitment to purposeful functional training as the best preparation for life’s adventures.


Instagram: @rpmtrainingco

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