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How Ben Smith became the Fittest Man on Earth

“It was when Ben stopped playing baseball, that was when he showed me CrossFit. He showed it to me on the computer and he said, I’m going to win this.”

Kim Smith, Ben Smith’s mother – June 2012

Ben Smith was your typical, hard work American teenager growing up. His dream was to be a Major League Baseball player. His then girlfriend, now wife, Noelle Smith described him as ‘the clever kid in Chemistry class’ when they first met.

Ben Smith was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 by his father, a man of the military. Ben and his father did Cindy, in a room above their kitchen. After the 20 minutes, lying on the floor gasping for air, “I loved that workout” Ben said. He was hooked.

Smith did not join a CrossFit affiliate. Instead he trained at home in his homemade garage gym, in front of that fridge, often with his younger brothers and cousins.

Smith’s Games debut took place in 2009. At the tender age of 18, he took 64th place. He competed along side the guys he looked up to, including Pat Sherwood.

‘Your performance was amazing. You were next to me on the final workout and I could not believe how fast you were going! I wish you nothing but success at the games. Well done, bro.’

May 9, 2009 4:16 PM, Pat Sherwood – 2009 CrossFit Games Discussion Board


Pat’s wish certainly came true. Smith rocketed up to 8th place at the 2010 Games.  He competed every year after, with his positioning fluctuating on the leader board, taking 3rd place twice.

In 2013, Smith opened his own affiliate, CrossFit Krypton and began training there. Smith describes his box as a family business; his dads helps with the business side, his mum keeps the gym in top condition and his brothers coach. No doubt, the support of his family has contributed to Smith’s successes.

In 2014, in the first ever CrossFit Team Series, Smith led his team, Team Reebok Red (who where considered the underdogs) to victory. His team mates where Scott Panchik, Stacie Tovar and Emily Bridgers.


Ryan Sica is a friend of Ben’s little brother, Alex Smith. Ben introduced Ryan to CrossFit, in turn Ryan coached him to victory at this years Games.

After 7 Games appearances, In 2015, Smith had clearly payed his dues, winning the title of the Fittest Man on Earth.

Congratulations Superman on your title.

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