Best 10 Minute Full Body Workout (No Equipment)

A great way to spend 10 mins.

If you need to train quickly and effectively then try this 10 minute Full Body Workout.

10 Minute Full Body Workout

Designed by Jeff from Athlean-X, the workout breaks down like this:

  • Min 1: Ratchet Squats (legs)
  • Min 2: Shoulder Tap Pike Pushups (shoulders and chest)
  • Min 3: Power Ups (abs)
  • Min 4: Pounding Trunk Lifts (triceps and back)
  • Min 5: Bridge Reach Overs (glutes)
  • Min 6: Tricep Toe Taps (triceps)
  • Min 7: Angels and Devils (low back)
  • Min 8: Pushup Toe Taps (chest and abs)
  • Min 9: Squat Burpees (legs)
  • Min 10: Standing Ab Twists (abs and obliques)

“Everyone can perform this full body home workout. That means, beginners, intermediates and advanced can all benefit from this total body workout. The difference between the groups is going to be the time that you perform each of the exercises and the number of times that you complete the circuit.


Beginners will perform each move for 15 seconds and will then rest for the balance of the 30 seconds.


Intermediates will perform each exercise for 20 seconds and will then rest for the balance of the 30 seconds


Advanced trainees will perform each exercise for 25 seconds and keep their rest to just 5 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

10 minute Full Body Workout.Source: Photos courtesy of CrossFit Inc

The entire round will take 5 minutes to perform. Beginners will perform it once unless they feel like attempting a second round. Intermediates will perform this entire full body workout for 2 rounds and the most advanced will perform a third round if able. This will bring the total workout time to anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on your ability level.”

Video – 10 Minute Full Body Workout

“This is an example of a routine that can easily be performed at home without equipment. It is not the most challenging in terms of the exercise selection but it does do a great job of hitting all of the major muscle groups in a short period of time. You can dramatically increase the intensity of the exercise itself by choosing more difficult exercises.”

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