Best Bodyweight Ab Workout for a Six Pack (400 Reps)

Add this bodyweight ab workout into for a six pack into your training.

Designed by Jeff from Athlean X it will leave you sore and optimise your gains in only a short amount of time.

Bodyweight Ab Workout for a Six Pack – Why it Works

“Ab workouts do not have to take a long time to be effective.  In fact, the shorter you keep your abs workouts the better if you want to start seeing your six pack.  The reason behind this is the concept of workout density.  The more work you can compress into a shorter period of time, the harder your ab workout will become.”

Abs-Exercises-with-Annie-and-Khan Bodyweight Ab Workout for a Six PacSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

“In this video, I give you an 8 minute ab workout that consists of a whopping 400 reps.  Using just 4 abs exercises you are asked to complete two rounds of 200 reps using just your own bodyweight and not a single piece of equipment.  This six pack workout is perfect for either men or women looking to get a more ripped, toned midsection.”

Bodyweight Ab Workout for a Six Pack

Here are the exact ab exercises in this workout:

  • Ten Touch Twists x 50 reps
  • Butterfly Sit Ups x 50 reps
  • Ab Scissors x 50 reps
  • Twisting Pistons x 50 reps

“You will complete this entire ab workout circuit a total of two times without resting in between sets.  See how quickly you can complete all 400 reps.”

“The structure of this ab workout is that of a challenge.  Workout challenges are great because they push you to give your best effort.  Too many times, people cruise through their 6 pack workouts simply counting reps without putting in enough effort.  The result is workouts that tend to go on for far too long and ones that don’t deliver enough results.  This ab workout is much different.  It requires that you complete many reps in a short period of time to maximize your abdominal muscles with a density training approach.”

Video – Bodyweight Ab Workout for a Six Pack

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