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NEW WORLD RECORD – Cailer Woolam Deadlifts 430kg!

Cailer Woolam, otherwise known as Doctor Deadlift, hit a 430kg deadlift at The World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) World Championships. He weighed in at 98kg.

This is the heaviest deadlift ever completed in competition by someone weighing less than 100kg.

He hit a 907kg/2,001 lb total.

For the squat he hit a 272.5kg/601 lbs lift and for the bench press he managed 205kg/452 lbs. 


Cailer Woolam on His Own Performance

“948lbs/430kg to break the 100kg all time world record ..again lol. 2nd attempt deadlift.

Heaviest deadlift in competition by any American ever Reguardless of gear or weigh class. And it secured me a 2001lb total in sleeves @ 98kgbw.

Happy I was able to make it happen on the other side of the world in a different time zone. 4th meet in a row to break an all time world record. I am beyond pleased to walk away with a PR total after all of my Injuries and setbacks this year. And with little to no squat training leading up to the meet. The challenge of traveling across the world and competing was very hard, but I did my best to show up and do what I could do. Easier off the ground with the big plates. But very very hard to control the bar whip at the top for those wondering. Amazing meet here in Moscow!”


Cailer Woolam in action.

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