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CrossFit Games Finals Event 2: “One of the Most Pure Tests of Functionality”

The second event for the CrossFit Games finals has been released: Corn Sack Sprint.


2020 CrossFit Games Finals Event 2

Corn Sack Sprint

For time:

320-meter hill sprint with a corn sack

W 30 lb.   M 50 lb.

“Sprint might be a bit of a misnomer,” Adrian Bozman said going over a video of the event being tested. “This is one of the most pure test of functionality in my opinion; it’s can you get yourself and an object over the line. There’s no way to really strategise around it, there’s no way to game it – you just have to go.”


The first day of the finals will include the 2007 CrossFit Games “and then some,” Dave Castro, CrossFit Director of Sport, revealed earlier in the week. Separately, he also said Friday was “going to be a giant day.” Continuing: “It’s going to start with a bang and, more importantly, it’ll end with a bang.”

The 2007 CrossFit Games included:


Event 1, Hopper

For time:

  • 1000 meter Row

Then, 5 Rounds:

  • 25 Pull-Ups
  • 7 Push Jerks (135 / 95 lbs)

Event 2, Trail Run

  • 5k


Event 3, CrossFit Total

  • 1RM Back squat
  • 1RM Press
  • 1RM Deadlift

No other event details for the CrossFit Games Finals have been released yet.

Stage 2 of the CrossFit Games kicks off on Friday October 23 and will run until Sunday 25. Ten athletes, the top five men and top five women from Stage 1, will compete in Northern California for a chance to be titled Fittest on Earth.

Points from Stage 1 of the CrossFit Games will be reset, so athletes will start the finals on even ground.

Mat Fraser, Noah Ohlsen, Justin Medeiros, Samuel Kwant, and Jeffrey Adler will all compete for the male title, while Tia-Clair Toomey, Brooke Wells, Haley Adams, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Kari Pearce will throw down for the female title.

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