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CrossFit German Throwdown Officially Postponed Due to Coronavirus Regulations

The CrossFit German Throwdown has officially been postponed, the Sanctional announced last night.


Due to developments concerning the rapid spread of the coronavirus, health authorities of the district of Treptow-Köpenick in Berlin have ordered the event to be cancelled.

The German Throwdown was meant to take place in two weeks, between April 28 and 29.

“German Throwdown had made it known that a decision on holding or cancelling the event would only be taken based on the recommendations or instructions of the relevant specialist authorities. Only they possess the necessary information and specialist knowledge in order to draw the right conclusions.

“The German Throwdown, as only Sanctional and biggest Event in the DACH-area, is extremely important to the community and so it comes with dissapointment, that the event cannot happen at the end of March. The priority is the health and safety of our athletes, spectators, volunteers, staff and partners,” Benedict Gebhardt, Managing Director at the German Throwdown, wrote in a press release.

The new dates will be announced early next week at the latest, the organisation has replied in comments on social media.

Tickets will hold its validity for the new date and can be reimbursed free of charge in the event participants or spectators can’t make it for the new date. More information about this process is set to be released next week.

“[…] we are happy to not have to cancel the event but that it will take place at a later point. We trust that the decision to postpone the event ensures that the German Throwdown continues to serve the community in the secure and safe conditions needed,” the press release read.

“We understand that the postponement is not the ideal case, for all involved parties as well as for us. Though we are sure that we can count on the support of the community and our partners,” it continued.

The German Throwdown is the third Sanctional to be postponed this season due to the coronavirus. Earlier this month, the Asia CrossFit Championship announced it’d move its competition to July 3 to 5. Yesterday, the Italian Showdown confirmed they’d also postpone the live competition, but will hold an online version of it to establish the CrossFit Games invitees.

You can read the German Throwdown’s official statement here.

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