CrossFit King Kong WOD

King Kong WOD demands years of training and getting (at least) comfortable with a 206-kilo for men, and a 147-kilo deadlift for women for three consecutive rounds, spiced up with muscles-up, cleans and handstand push-ups.

No wonder it made our list of top 5 most brutal Crossfit workouts.

What does King Kong WOD involve?

3 rounds for time:

1x deadlift 206/147 kg
2x muscle-up
3x squat clean 113/70 kg
4x handstand push-up

Start with a deadlift, continue with 2 muscle-ups, 3 squat cleans and 4 handstand push-ups. That’s one round. Your goal is to finish three.

What counts at the end of King Kong WOD?

The time it took you to complete all 3 rounds of Crossfit King Kong WOD.

Who is best on YouTube?

Sam Dancer in 1:39

Search for the fastest time and only one name can pop up: Sam Dancer. GRID’s San Francisco Fire athlete deadlifted 297 kg at last year’s CrossFit Games and probably did a 1:39 King Kong for a good warm up.

Danny Nichols: 1:50

Another heavy weight, the powerhouse of Phoneix Rise Danny Nichols finished King Kong in 1:50. Just a quick note, his clean and jerk is 186kg.

Dmitry Klokov: 1:56

When your clean grip deadlift is 335kg heavy weight workouts shouldn’t be an issue, or? You might think handstand push ups and muscle-ups would be a problem for Dmitry Klokov, well guess again, they weren’t. His time for Crossfit workout King Kong is 1:56!

Rich Froning from 2011: 2:36

The following video is from 2011 and you know how the sport of fitness and athletes improved since then. Wondering what Rich’s time would be nowadays?

 Ever tried this WOD?

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