7 Important Gymnastic Exercises ALL Crossfitters Need to Master!


The handstand push up is an important gymnastic movement that often crops up in Crossfit workouts. It can seem daunting when you first begin, as you have to have confidence in your strength, balance and ability to control your body when upside down.

Once you become more confident, and master the basics, then the handstand push up becomes a great exercise for building impressive upper body and core strength, agility, coordination and power.

Scale them with these exercises and you will be repping them out in no time at all!

  • Pike push up
  • Pike push with elevated feet
  • Kick up and hold
  • Negative handstand push ups
  • Partial range of motion handstand push up

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Tips and scaling options to improve your handstand push-ups

Back to basics for the next gymnastic exercise!

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