Best Home Fat Burning Workout (21 Minute KILLER!)

Transform your body.

If you want to transform your body then try this home fat burning workout.

It is designed by Jeff from Athlean X and will help you reach your goals.

“Home fat burning workouts are a staple of any successful trainee’s training arsenal.  Sometimes, we just don’t have access to our favourite gyms, equipment or time and are faced with the choice of either not training at all or finding an alternative and getting it done.  In this video, I show you an actual home fat burning workout that I did in the hotel room as I arrived in Houston to prepare one of my clients.”

Home Fat Burning Workout

“This 21 minute fat burning workout can be done with literally no equipment at all.  You can do it in very tight spaces, as I show you demonstrating it in my small hotel room.  The best part about this fat burner is it does so without costing you your hard earned muscle.  Too often, fat burning workouts are composed of exercises that are nothing more than glorified aerobics.  While this may be good for helping you to burn fat, they aren’t good for keeping let alone building new muscle.”

“The difference between this workout to burn fat and most others is that the exercises are selected to be equally explosive as they are tiring.  This allows us to overload the muscles and create new muscle growth while at the same time enabling a metabolic challenge that helps us to burn fat.”

athlete completes bodyweight workout at home Home Fat Burning Workout

“The workout may appear simple at first, that is until you actually try it.  The goal is to complete just 3 exercises, each with a rep goal to be performed in a one minute period.  Whatever time is remaining in the minute after completing your rep goal becomes your rest.  Continue shooting to complete each rep goal in each successive minute until you’ve either missed a goal or have made it all the way to 21 minutes without missing any.”

“Begin by attempting to complete 5 single leg burpees on each leg in the first minute.  Whenever you finish them, you have the rest of that minute to rest before moving onto minute two.  In this second minute you will need to perform 10 box jumps.  If you don’t have access to something to jump on, you can simply do broad jumps back and forth.  Once again, rest the balance of the minute once you have finished.  Finally, move onto the 20 jax pushups.  These killer pec punishers will be tough.  They may seem a bit easy the first round through, but remember you have to make it through 7 full rounds of each of these fat burning exercises.”

Video – Home Fat Burning Workout

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