How To Build A Thick Back

Use the perfect rowing technique.

There are a plethora of back exercises you can choose from to build strength. Deadlift, pull-up, pulldown? The answer could be in your row technique.

To know how to build a thick back you can try a different technique, but if you are sticking with some row exercises, there are two ways you can help yourself. This is where Jeff Nippard’s advice and knowledge come in handy.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In this video, he talks about how to build a thick back with the perfect rowing technique. More specifically the Pendlay row and the helms row.

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How to Build a Thick Back – The Pendlay Row

  • Light to moderate weights
  • 8-12 reps

The Pendlay row can be described as a strict version of the standing barbell row. BOXROX has covered extensively this exercise (click here), but Nippard makes some slight modifications to this exercise so that you learn how to build a thick back with this movement.

You will be performing shoulder extension, transverse shoulder abduction, scapular retraction, and there will be an isometric lumber extension through the whole movement.

“Something just under one-times body weight might be a good high-end strength standard to aim for in that moderate rep zone,” Nippard says.

How to Build a Thick Back – The Helms Row

  • 12-15 reps

“This alternative is great for people who can’t help but use excessive leg drive on the Pendlay row since here your chest is forced to stay pinned up against the bench,” Nippard explains.

Because of the way this exercise is set up, it will be a more lat dominant movement instead of a trap exercise, but you can focus on scapula retraction and still hit the traps if you want to.

If you have questions on how to perform these exercises, check out Nippard’s video below.

VIDEO – How to Build a Thick Back

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