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5 Best Chest Exercises You Are Not Doing

Grow your chest with these excellent but forgotten exercises.

There are established exercises like the dumbbell press, cable crossover, and dumbbell pullover that grow the chest muscles, but are there any other effective chest exercises you are not doing?

There certainly are! These exercises belong in the forgotten chest exercises category but are excellent at developing your pecs.

So, without further ado, let us reveal the best chest exercises you are not doing.

Best chest exercises you are not doing

Kneeling Landmine Press

This is a fantastic upper chest exercise. If you don’t have a landmine tool, you can put one end of the bar on a corner.

  • Load the barbell up
  • Grip your hands together at the end of the barbell
  • Begin with the hands resting on the clavicular portion of your chest
  • Put into the top, lock out your elbows and maintain a strong core
  • Bring the barbell down in a controlled manner and perform another rep

Floor Press

This exercise has you work on the mid-top position of the Press. This is great if you struggle during this section of the bench press as it’ll strengthen that area.

Wide to Close Grip Dumbbell Press

man performs effective shoulder exercise with dumbbells

This is an excellent chest exercise you’re probably not doing. Beginning wide, you use external rotation and abduction to go into the close grip press. All the primary movements are chest-specific.

Reverse Grip Press

Similar to the Bench Press, the uniqueness in this exercise is that your arms will be externally rotated. As such, you’ll work your upper press a little more. Make sure you choose slightly lighter weights for this exercise to protect your shoulders.

Kettlebell Mobility Band Stability Press

A Bench Press that replaces the plates for kettlebells hanging on mobility bands, this is one of the best chest exercises you are not doing. As the name suggests, this great chest exercise works your stabiliser muscles and gives you bar control.  

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