How to Control Hunger While Dieting (Best Tip Possible)

Learn how to prevent yourself from binge-eating and keep losing weight.

So you’ve started a diet, but found it difficult to keep hunger at bay. Learn how to control hunger while dieting with this simple tip.

Everyone goes through a phase when they want to lose weight and you need to improve your eating habits for that to happen. There are numerous diets someone can choose from, but one thing is common among most of them: you might feel an increase in hunger while doing them.

So how to control hunger while dieting? Mike Israetel, a PhD in Sport Physiology and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization, shared his go-to trick to achieve that.

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How to Control Hunger While Dieting

How to Control Hunger While DietingSource: Life of Pix / Pexels

Simple. Just eat more vegetables.

According to Israetel, veggies have lots of fibre, few calories and are full of volume. “This means they fill you up a lot without many calories,” he says, which is very much in sync with what the Volumetrics Diet preaches (eating something full of water so you feel full without ingesting more calories). I did that diet for 30 days and lost precisely 4 kilos (9 pounds).

The fact that most veggies don’t have that much taste is also a good thing because tasty food has the effect of making you want it more especially when you are on a fat loss diet.

When losing weight gets difficult during your diet, eat more raw veggies at the beginning of a meal – best if they are not flavoured. It is tough, but it will help you tremendously if you are serious about your diet.

If you need more explanation about how to control hunger while dieting, check out Dr Mike Israetel’s video below.

VIDEO – How to Control Hunger While Dieting

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