I Did the Volumetrics Diet for 30 Days

A first-hand account of what the Volumetrics Diet looks like, how it impacted my daily routine, and before and after photo.

The volumetrics diet was something I stumbled across by accident. After some digging into what it was and writing about it here on BOXROX, I decided to try it for myself. Here is what happened during my 30 days volumetrics diet.

I first heard about the volumetrics diet when I was searching for the latest on nutrition. I like to try new things, especially when it comes to diets, as I know the limits I can push my own body.

The craziest I’ve ever done was an extreme version of the warrior diet, in which I only ate as much broccoli and blueberries during a 4-hour period every day. For the remainder of 20 hours, I would keep fasting and would drink only water. I did it for 7 days without any complications, but I’m here to tell you not to try it. Seriously.

volumetrics dietSource: i yunmai / unsplash

The volumetrics diet, however, was not something I had planned on doing. While interviewing Justin Romaire, a nutrition coach and founder/CEO of Consistency Breeds Growth, is when I decided to take on the challenge. I thought he was going to tell me the volumetrics diet was a hoax and we should not pay attention to it, but he said the opposite. “It’s a great way to get people to lose weight,” he said. So I tried it for 30 days the volumetrics diet and… yes, it works.

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