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How To Fix Your Posture In 4 Moves

Follow this plan to fix your posture.

These four steps can help attack common flaws and fix your posture. Whether you have rounded shoulders, a hunched back, crooked neck, forward head, or a titled pelvis, the following exercises can help you overcome your posture problems.


What is posture? Your posture is the position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting. Good posture involves aligning your body so that the least strain is placed on your muscles and ligaments while you move or exercise.

Posture is influenced by the joints of the body and, as such, can be trained. This can be difficult without the right knowledge however, as you’ll have to alter life-long habits. Having said that, you can learn to fix your posture and achieve a tall, upright posture with these four moves.

How to fix your posture in 4 moves

Pro athlete and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere breaks down what you need to do to fix your posture.

Before you think about making big muscle gains, you’ll need to fix your posture. This will not only help prevent injury, but will allow you to ultimately lift more weight in the long term.

  • Fix a rounded thoracic spine
  • Fix rounded shoulders
  • Fix a forward head
  • Fix anterior pelvic tilt

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